Rain Gutters in Aurora, CO

Rain gutter repair and installation in Aurora CO

Gutter Installation in Aurora, CO

C Property Restoration, Roofing, and Remodeling not only offers gutter repair, we can install new ones for you too! Gutters are an extremely important tool for the longevity of any building. It keeps rain water away from a building or home so that water damage is much less likely to occur. Water damage is a serious expense that is easily avoidable with proper gutter installation and maintenance.

If you don’t currently have gutters, we highly recommend you get them installed immediately. If your hesitation is due to the bulky look gutters bring to a home, then you will want to integrate seamless gutters. Seamless gutters can be integrated with the style of your building or home, so that they are hardly even noticeable, while still serving the very important purpose of guiding water away.

If maintenance and the removal of leaves and other debris from gutters is stopping you, then you could also have gutter guards installed. Gutter guards are great additions to any gutter system, as they act almost like a metal mesh. It is a cover for the gutters that allow water to get through, but not leaves or other debris. Gutter guards are screwed into the gutter itself, so you don’t need to worry about the gutter guard blowing off in a storm. It keeps the gutters clean for much, much longer so that maintenance and repair are less of an issue. We say less because you should still check that they are clean and functioning properly.

Gutter Repair in Aurora, CO

C Property Restoration, Roofing, and Remodeling can help you make sure your gutters are working properly, or install new ones for you if you are interested in the seamless option. Often times, gutter systems were never installed correctly the first time. This can lead to water damage actually being caused by having an incorrectly installed gutter system and should be corrected as soon as possible. Make sure to keep an eye on your gutter system for maintenance and repair as well. A gutter filled with leaves is also not doing you any good, and if you have waited until that point to clean it then it has likely needed cleaning much sooner than you realized. The following points are what you may wish to look for:

  • Leaves or debris buildup
  • Loose hanging gutters or other damage
  • Stains on the home itself, especially near the gutter system
  • See where your downspout is releasing the water. It should be away from the foundation of the home, otherwise, the system is not doing you any good.

The importance of gutters cannot be overstated. In fact, more and more cities and towns across the country are requiring gutters on new construction projects. If you already have gutters, then you need to make sure that they are maintained and repaired if they are not properly attached to the building. A gutter is only useful if it is guiding water away, and if the gutter is loose or improperly installed, then it is not serving its purpose.